Blog stop ’09?

I may have to let this blog go.

I know there are people reading some of the things that I write. The log shows that people (real people, not just search engines) visits this site. People have told me they have seen this site. There have even been people commenting some of my blog posts. But most of my blog posts show “No Comments“.

I know that most people do not like to write comments, or feel they have nothing to say. I, too, often visit websites to seek out knowledge or to spend some time, and then leave without a trace.

This is not wrong, but it does leave me with two questions:

1. Who do I really write this blog for?
If I write for myself, and just let you watch, then the lack of comments should not be a concern.
If I write to share my inner thoughts with you, then it could be a concern.

2. What do you think of this blog?
Do you come here often to read the things I write? Or is this your first visit, after you have stumbled upon this blog post in a search engine? Do you find it funny, rewarding or a stupid waste of time?
I do not know!

I still have a couple of blog posts to write to get them out of my system – or reorganized so the thoughts fit inside me without making a complete mess.

  The future has not been written yet, and may never be without comments.

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