Live and kicking – just not writing (much)

You may have noticed the long time between posts. Please do not panic, I am still here. But my carefully laid plans for this blog – and other things in my life – have a tendency to go down the toilet when real life comes knocking at my door.

First, the same old story: Lack of inspiration. I really want to write some stunningly clever posts, but each time it turns out that I am missing inspiration, intellect and/or ability to put my thoughts into (in my case: foreign) words.

Second: I had arranged with someone to help me redecorate the exterior of the place I live. On the date they were supposed to turn up, they told me that they unfortunately couldn’t. At that time I already had started the preparation, and had to continue on my own. With some help from some very nice people I have the great fortune to know – and with skills I did not know I had – I have now managed to get the place redecorated (in a week or two the work should be done).
I am glad to see the project so close to the end, but it has taken all my free time for ages. Time I could have spend on writing blog posts and enjoying life.