Me, 2008

Every once in a while it is probably a good thing to think things through; to rethink your life.
For me, the time seems to be now. I’m not going through an existential crisis (I hope), but I haven’t done much reflection either.
I’ve felt kind of lost lately: Why did I end up where I did, and where do I go from here? To be lost isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a sign that you no longer walk the familiar roads. Also, the only way to never get lost is to stand absolutely still. When you don’t go anywhere, you can’t get lost. On the other hand, I would like a little sense of direction, so I don’t have to twirl like leaves in the wind.
I haven’t reached this place in life because of carefully laid plans, but because I’ve been walking through open doors when other doors got slammed in my face (figural speaking). I’m not where I intended to be (I guess – I’m not totally sure about that either), but am I where I ought to be? That is the question. I hope to reach some sort of answer at some point in time. I hope to get some good answers, and that the “point in time” will occur soon.
In my quest for answers, I intent to use this blog from time to time to write a few notes about myself: where I have been and in which direction I’m going. That might seem awfully self-centred – and maybe even boring, but I need those notes to navigate.

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