Exit JVC

Some time ago I bought a JVC hard disk drive and DVD recorder, to get rid of video tapes and go digital. The quality of recorded TV has improved a lot – when the recorder actually works.
It has broken down several times now. JVC tries to repair it each time, but they haven’t much success doing that, so after a while I have to return it for yet another repair! During the latest repair, they actually made it worse: now it makes an annoying noise whenever I try to use the recorder.
Should I return it again? Yes, definitely.
Am I going to do that? No, probably not. JVC have had so many chances to either repair the damn ting, or to replace it with something that works. The only reason why they haven’t replaced it after all those attempts must be that they don’t have anything else that works?
Therefore: If you have to buy some Consumer Electronics Products, and you want it to work, then don’t buy anything with JVC logo!