The Computer Comedy, part I

I work with computers, so: no computers = no money.
Computers connect us all in one fantastic internet.

Therefore I ought to no just like, but love, computers!
But I don’t love computers. I’m not even sure I like them.

Not so long ago I decided that it was time to get myself a new computer. The old one was – well – old. I wanted to see what the Vista-talk was all about, but my computer was too slow and too incompatible to run Windows Vista.

This time I didn’t want to spend time building a computer, like I’ve done before. (For those of you who haven’t tried that: it really isn’t that difficult, but you spend a lot of time, without saving any Money, doing that). This time I wanted a ready-made computer I’d just have to connect to power and internet.

I got my computer. I connected it to power and internet. I switched it on. All seemed to run just fine. – Until I installed iTunes, which had a bad effect! Suddenly my computer worked extremely slowly, each time I started iTunes, and I got a hard disk error on the third day with my new computer. I had to return the computer for repair. I had also noticed that the DVD burner had one small lack: it couldn’t burn DVD’s. I asked the computer repair people to look at that too.

I got my computer back. The iTunes was still very, very slow. I looked at Google for such errors with Vista and iTunes, but no luck. I tried to look for errors with iTunes and other things, like the raid controller … and there it was:
IF you have Windows Vista on your computer
AND iTunes
AND an Intel motherboard with build-on raid controller (some part of the computer)
AND the driver for that controller isn’t the newest one
THEN you’re in trouble!
Guess who had all that?
I found and installed the newest driver for the raid controller and voila: iTunes was suddenly fast! Plus I had to reregister Windows, because a new driver apparently is enough for it to think, something is wrong.

All fine then? Nope! I now had a pretty fast computer, with iTunes actually working. But I still couldn’t burn DVD’s. A hard disk can break down very sudden, so I really wanted a way to make a safe copy off all my pictures etc. At this moment DVD wasn’t a possibility. So I had to return the computer once more. Had I build the damn thing myself I could just have bought a new DVD burner.

And it got worse!

Friday I got a message from the computer repair people, that the Danish postal services apparently hadn’t been so nice with my computer. Some parts of the computer were broken on the way between me and the computer people.
And because it came FROM me, it was offcourse my problem!

So I called the support department of the postal service, who said they had to look at the computer to decide if the wanted to pay for the damage. And then the computer repair people, who I luckily convinced that it would be smartest, if they sent it to the postal services, and not to me, so I had to send it to them.

Now I have to wait probably a long time, before I hear if the postal service will pay for the damage. And then the computer has to return to the computer repair people for the repair.
And in the meantime I have to use my old, slow, non-Vista computer writing this story!

The funny twist: I’ve bought the computer at a place called NEM Computer. NEM is probably an abbreviation for something, since it is written in capital letters, but the word “nem” is also the Danish word for “easy”.

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