104 million years ago – I think it was on a Wednesday – a small dinosaur did something, all animals do from time to time: it “dropped the remains of something that once was food”.
A few years later, the dinosaur died. No monument was raised in its honour. Maybe the dinosaur even turned to dust before it could be dug up by a palaeontologist millions of years later.
But it still did manage to make a long lasting sign of its existence: the before mentioned turd was somehow fossilized. I’m not going into detail on how soft stool can turn into stone – mostly because I don’t know. But the “stone” was found, and identified as a coprolite from a small theropod.

Today the world might look a little different, but it’s the same story: you really don’t know what traces you may leave behind. Maybe you get famous for doing something useful, or maybe you just get known for making crap. 😉

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