From time to time I make a backup of my blog. If anything goes wrong, it gives me a second chance to make it work again. Until now, however, I haven’t had much use for those backups – and often wondered if I would be able to restore my blog if it had a meltdown. Now I know the answer to that question.
I tried to add a link to the right pane of this blog, and thought it would be easiest to just add it manually in the php-file – resulting in a defect blog. I still don’t know why that happened. I have never worked with php before, so I have probably goofed something up. Or not – the Webhotel went offline (not just my site – the whole Webhotel) seconds after I added the link, so maybe it wasn’t me at all – or maybe it was because of that link, the Webhotel went down?
I really don’t know what happened. But I do know that I could have had a major problem getting this blog working again without the copy I made few days ago!

So make a backup of your weblogs (both files and database) and other stuff that you care about! You may need it someday! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Backup!

  1. Rosanna

    A super wise idea, I imagine.

    PS: Den nye lille prinsessen (I hope I got that grammatically correct) is SO CUTE.

    Do you get a newspaper delivered? Was she on the cover? Can I have a copy?

    Damn it. I should just move to Denmark!

  2. Baseman

    Well done! It was almost grammatically correct. And you’re absolutely right: She is cute!
    In Danish “den” and the last “…en” (or just “…n” when the word normally ends with an “e”) both mean the same as “the” in English. So it’s “Den nye lille prinsesse”. 🙂
    “The princess” becomes “princessen”.

    I do get a newspaper delivered. But unfortunately they chose to bring a story about a new politically party on the cover, in stead of things that really matters.
    Here are a few pictures from that newspaper:
    Berlingske gallery

    Most pictures are found in the weekly magazines. The most royal are “Billed Bladet”:
    Billed Bladet, Lillepigen

    A few words from Kongehuset (The Royal House):
    On Sunday July 1, 2007, the daughter of Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark will be christened at 11:30 a.m. in Fredensborg Palace Church, Fredensborg.

    … And yes! You should move to Denmark! 😉

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