I like traffic lights

Okay, actually I do not like traffic lights, except in those cases when they help me drive forward by stopping crossing traffic. The headline is from a Monty Python song.

Traffic lights

On a Blog-surf, I found this place talking about the (figurative) traffic lights we meet on our way in life. About the times we are forced to wait for e.g. a computer to get ready before we can continue our work.

It made me think of the development I have gone through. Not so long ago I was very, very impatient. Both with me and – especially – with anything out of my control that I felt were holding me back. Most of the computer equipment I have thrown away (sometimes literally) hasn’t been defect, but have made the sin of making me wait!

The same with the real traffic lights: a nuisance when I was in good time, a real pain in the backseat when I wasn’t in good time. I have the idea that it all took a turn on a small trip to Nice in France. It’s a city with heavy traffic – more than I’m used to, where I live. But still: though drivers sat there in long tailbacks without a chance to get anywhere soon, they just sat patiently and waited. They even had strength enough to help motorists coming from side ways out in front of them.
Afterwards I have tried to practice the same way in traffic and have realized two things: it doesn’t make the drive take longer – and I’m much more relaxed.

I also try the same relaxed living when I meet the figurative traffic lights; sometimes with success, but just as often with increased blood pressure. I’m still able to kick my computer, if it’s using all the energy on something else than me, me, me. But I’m working on it – and slowly, day by day, I hopefully get to be a much more balanced person. 🙂