2017 in Retrospect

You may not know it, by following my blogposts, but 2017 has been a changeful year.

There has also been a lot of uneventful months, which does show, when you look at earlier posts.

In February I moved to a new apartment in Copenhagen. Not downtown Copenhagen, which I couldn’t afford, but close still.

Born and raised in the countryside, it has been quite a change to move to the big city. But I really like it. A lot.

Let’s jump to one of the last days of September. The company I work for, has noted us all to be in place by morning, since they would announce an unspecified number of people, they had to terminate. I have been to events like this before, but this time was a bit special, since I was one of the people, the company had to let go!

In a way, I had seen it coming, but still it came as a shock.

Two months later, I fortunately managed to land a new job, which I start at in the beginning of 2018.

It even sounds like a better company, with better benefits for the employees. A job I most likely would have applied for anyway, had I known it existed (I only heard about the position, because friends and colleagues had been sweet to notify me of job positions).

I look forward to 2018.

Happy New Year!