2016 in retrospect

It is time for a short look back on the year 2016, before I start to look forward on a new year.

A lot happened, but still my 2016 ended like it started. Both regarding me, my home, my work, my family.

In March, I went on a short trip to Greenland. It was wonderful to see this place in the cold wintertime, though it was not as cold as it could have been.

Summer came early in Denmark. The month of May showed  some decent temperatures and blue sky.

I do not travel often, so two trips in one year was very special. But in July I went on a short, but fantastic, trip to Iceland.

My trip to Iceland did not end as well as it started. Just before I was going home, I got a message, that my mother has had a blood clot.

Luckily I still have her. She still suffers from reduced mobility in one arm and leg. But it could have gone much worse.

In October, I could help celebrate my grandmothers 100th birthday. She is in a nursing home, but even though she is the oldest, she is also most well. A little hard of hearing, but still going strong.

Back in 2014, I sold my house. After that I moved to a rented apartment. My plan was to quickly find out, what kind of home I wanted, and then look for it.

I found out, I liked living in an apartment, it just had to be another place. So I started looking for an apartment. For some reason, at some point, I stopped looking, and just went on living at the rented apartment.

In 2016 I started once more to look for a new, permanent, home. And I found one!

With financially help from my bank, I was able to buy an apartment. Or rather: I am about to buy it. If all goes well, I get the keys February 2017. I am really looking forward to this!