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Photos taken near my home.

Apple Harvest

apples apple

Today’s apple harvest: 8 apples.

Since it is the only edible I grow, and since I do not expect more apples this year, it is probably not something I can live off selling.
It would require way too high price per apple.  😉

Tourist in Denmark?

At the moment it is summer in Denmark. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything looks green and fantastic. But when are the best times to visit Denmark?

If you are looking for sun most of the day and maybe to take a dive from the long coastline, then August is the best month to visit Denmark. At times it can be almost unbearably warm, because of the moist heat. But mostly it is just fantastic. July and September can be equally nice – and so can June and October, but they can be a bit cold and a lot rainy too.

Springtime, April and May, and fall, September and October, can be breathtakingly beautiful. But it can also be chilly and rainy.

If you live in one of the really warm places on Earth, you might think of Denmark as a very cold place to visit, even in midsummer. But the sun is far easier to find than snow. It can snow anytime between November and April, but normally we do not see snow until late December or early January – and it is often gone by March. Some winters we get almost no snow at all.

It can be dark in November and January. But all the Christmas lights throughout December scare the darkness away for a while.

What about the Danes? Well, most of us are actually quite nice. We do tend to be a bit reserved, which might give the impression of us being in bad humor and not willing to assist if you need to ask for directions or have your photo taken in front of something worth a photo. But mostly it is just a very thin layer of Viking coolness that can be easily broken. 🙂

Soaked every second day

It is a strange weather these days. Every second day the sun shines – the rest of the time the rain is pouring down in quantities I have not seen before. When the weather is like today, with solid rain, umbrella and rainwear are almost useless. If you’re not wearing a drysuit, you get soaked to the skin.