Monthly Archives: April 2007

Everything’s broken – somewhat

It’s almost like I’m living in “Tom Traubert’s Blues”. Okay, maybe not, but – everything’s broken. But I believe there’s still an improvement compared to 2006. My things apparently still breaks down, but not as hard as earlier: my portable computer is once more going in for repair (don’t ever buy computers named “Vega” – they suck!). But this time it almost work some of the time (not like last time, when all it could do was making a funny noise while trying to get all the stuff inside to communicate with each other).
This morning I found my mobile phone lying dead! My phone/sms/camera/alarm clock/calendar gizmo had turned into a cold piece of dead electronics during the night. Sniff. But it’s not 2006 anymore, so there might still be hope: it may just be the battery that won’t feed the phone anymore. Connected to a power cord I was able to bring it back to life – not as mobile, having to stay close to the electrical socket – but still.