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The Road Ahead

RoadYou may see a road, so easy to follow.
But you still can’t be certain where it will take you.
And if you keep on staring at the road ahead, you won’t notice those many shortcuts and detours, leading to other Places!

The Wall

Berliner Mauer

9 November 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and two half cities were united.

But 25 years later, we are still better to build walls, than we are to tear them Down.


My vacation is over and I am back at work.

I have spent just over two weeks in Canada, visited Vancouver, flown by seaplane to Vancouver Island and drive around in rental car in British Columbia and across the border into Alberta.

What a beautiful country and such nice people.

Lake Louise, Canada

Canadian road

Beautiful Canada



Speak only if it improves upon the silence

     – Mahatma Gandhi


Home of the hat


Home is where you hang your hat

Occasionally I think of that old saying, and use it as an indication to see if the place I live is also the place I feel at home. Is my home the place I would hang my hat?
So far, the answer has been Yes.

I do not own a hat, nor have I any immediate plans of getting one. This is all figuratively speaking.

Though I have often thought about those words, it has not occurred to me before, that if the meaning is “the place you place your hat”, it could as easy mean my head. In that case, “home” may not be a geographical place. Maybe home is my mind.

Now, that is a “place” I do not want to leave.  😉