Snails after rain

I was just about to go out and take a photo of the fantastic green and yellow colours in the fields, when it started to rain (Danish weather: from bright sunshine to a gentle rain in very short time). When the rain stopped, I noticed a lot of snails on the move – as snails tend to do during and after the rain. Here are two of them:

Snails after rain

7 thoughts on “Snails after rain

  1. Baseman

    Okay, I didn’t know that! But thinking about it, I can see, that it would probably take Danish snails millions of years traveling to Australia, to multiply there. We also have snails without shells (slugs).

  2. Rosanna

    We have slugs, too.

    Last night I watched The Prince and Me. Have you seen it? It’s a dodgy movie about the Crown Prince of Denmark (Edvard) meeting an American girl. Love ensues blah blah.

    It’s fun!

  3. Baseman

    No, I haven’t seen The Prince And Me. But I’ve heard about it – and also heard that it was kind of dodgy (which is why I haven’t seen it yet – and also why I may see it someday) 😉

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