Home of the hat


Home is where you hang your hat

Occasionally I think of that old saying, and use it as an indication to see if the place I live is also the place I feel at home. Is my home the place I would hang my hat?
So far, the answer has been Yes.

I do not own a hat, nor have I any immediate plans of getting one. This is all figuratively speaking.

Though I have often thought about those words, it has not occurred to me before, that if the meaning is “the place you place your hat”, it could as easy mean my head. In that case, “home” may not be a geographical place. Maybe home is my mind.

Now, that is a “place” I do not want to leave.  😉

Snow away

The snow came and went.
I do not know if more snow is on its way; if not, the winter 2013-2014 lasted just one day.

2013 in retrospect

Another year has passed and so it is time to go back and have a look.
Normally I would write a retrospect in chronological order. This time, however, I will start near the end of 2013 and move backward in time.

I could have lost my job!

The company I work for had planned mass dismissal in late November. The company fired many, but I was not one of them.
Had I known of the imminent layoffs and risk of loss of income, in the beginning of the year, I may have held back on some major expenses. As it turned out, I did not get a chance to worry about it – and I did not need to either.

I did not have much to say in 2013, resulting in some pretty boring reading.

Back in July, I wrote some hints for potential tourists. I wrote that winter was not the best time in Denmark, and until now, I have been right: It has been a dark and rainy November and December. Denmark can be very beautiful at spring, summer and fall, but not so much in the winter.

In June, I wrote about my struggle against pollen allergy. This year I have tried acupuncture instead of traditional medicine. Though I was skeptical, it actually worked! Amazing. It has not cured me (yet), but I have had the best pollen season for as long as I can remember.

When 2013 started, it was winter – and it continued to mid-April. It seems like there will be no winter in Denmark between 2013 and 2014. We have had no snow, just rain and reasonably high temperatures.

I started 2013 with the trip I had dreamt of for so long, but up until two years ago never thought possible. Suddenly I got the chance of taking a trip to Antarctica, and I took it!

It had been necessary to book the trip almost a year earlier. The last part of 2012 and early 2013 was spent purchasing appropriate clothing for the trip. It had to be warm enough, but still so light that I could have it in my luggage.

As it turned out, I got almost the right amount of clothes to keep me warm almost all the time. 🙂

The trip to the Antarctic was fantastic! So marvelous!

It was – by far – the most expensive trip I have ever taken, but it was all worth it. Oh, and yes, I get seasick very easy, and yes, the boat trip between Argentina and Antarctica are one of the roughest places to be on a boat; but it was still worth it.

It is impossible to plan the days in detail when you travel in these parts of the world, so I just had a hope that I would get ashore and that I would see penguins. I got both wishes fulfilled on the very first day of my arrival to Antarctica. Everything after that was just a bonus: Visiting one stunning site after the other – taking only photos, leaving only footprints.

Antarctic Bird
That was my 2013. Now it is time to look forward to a new year.