I am in the process of moving!

I have lived in the same place for many years, but wanted to – and needed to – move forward.

As everyone who has tried to move probably says it is hard to move.
It does not make it less hard that the house I move from, has been owned by my family since before the Second World War. Now it’s my job to sell it.

Before this month has gone by, I have moved and there is a new owner of the house.


My vacation is over and I am back at work.

I have spent just over two weeks in Canada, visited Vancouver, flown by seaplane to Vancouver Island and drive around in rental car in British Columbia and across the border into Alberta.

What a beautiful country and such nice people.

Lake Louise, Canada

Canadian road

Beautiful Canada

Change of location

As Lev Tolstoy would put it: “Not our location is important, but the direction in which we move”.
This may very well be, but I think that location may be of some importance also.
I live in an old house with a somewhat large garden. I want to move in a direction with less gardening and less house repair. For that to happen, I need to make a change in my location.



Speak only if it improves upon the silence

     – Mahatma Gandhi


Hay fever 2014


Last year I started on a new treatment against hay fever: Acupuncture. I was very skeptical, but had heard from others who were almost cured. So I tried it myself.

This season I have still suffered from hay fever. I have lost a lot of snot and my eyes have been itching a lot. But the worst problem earlier years – difficult breathing – have been almost absent this year! Not once so far, have I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling like I was suffocating. What an improvement!

Fantastic weather

Lately we have had some fantastic, sunny days in Denmark.
It may look like rain tomorrow, but it really does seem like the summer has arrived.

Wise words?

As you may already know, each time you visit this blog, you are presented with a couple of quotes. They vary for each visit.

As I entered the site today, I saw these two quotes:

The world is your playground.  Why Aren’t You playing?
(Ellie Katz)

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.
(Oscar Wilde)

Could it be a hint?


So much is going on at the moment.
So many things fills up my mind.
Things I have little or no control over, but nevertheless things that can influence my life.
Things that visitors to this site probably have absolutely no interest hearing about.