Monthly Archives: March 2011

Canceled visit to troubled land

For quite a long time, I have wanted to visit a specific place in Asia. Even back in time, when such travels were out of my reach, I wished to see it.

Then, in the beginning this year, it was suddenly possible for me to make such journey. I had the time and opportunity, so I went for it.

Together with a friend, we bought two tickets for an exciting trip to Japan, and we both looked forward to see Osaka, Tokyo and other large and small cities in Japan. Not to mention the possibility to experience thousands of blooming cherry trees.

You may already have guessed it: Just before our departure, Japan was hit by the “once a millennium” earthquake, followed by a massive tsunami … And something that, at the time of writing, looks like a serious risk of a nuclear disaster.

Though I have missed an opportunity to visit the country, I so long have wanted to visit, there’s another reason for me being sad at the moment: The thought of the Japanese people, struggling with all those problems; with even more problems ahead, if they don’t solve the trouble at the nuclear plants.

I wish all the best for Japan!

Will Eisner

I just saw on Google, that it is Will Eisner’s birthday today. Or at least would have been, if he had still been among us. Will Eisner is the person behind the fantastic graphic novel series The Spirit.
I do not read comic books that often anymore, but when I did, this was one of my favorites.