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Global warming, part 3

First a note to the people, who like to read the BaseBlog, but doesn’t have any interest in environmental matters: this might be the last writing about global warming. Also because writing about it doesn’t make the problem go away – just as ignoring the problem won’t solve it either. You can find the other parts of my global warming trilogy here: part 1, part 2.

Just a few words about global warming and ice age!
Here’s one of the problems with global warming: imagine that the nice warm weather keep on coming – with temperatures rising each year.
First we notice the warmer seawater. As most people know, hurricanes grow over the sea; and the warmer the water is, the bigger the hurricane gets.
Then the ice at Greenland and the Poles start to melt faster. The water level rises, floods a lot of land all over the World and create millions of refugees.
The cold water from the melting ice suddenly makes an end to the Gulf Stream because the difference in temperatures, that makes the stream work, has been leveled out.
After the Gulf Stream stops, it’ll only take few years – some say 10 years, others think it’ll only take 2 or 3 years – before large parts of the World once more gets an ice age!
Luckily a lot of people won’t have to go through this. I’m talking about all the people who, before that, has drowned in the floods, or died from hunger or war.

Now you might have an idea why some of us think that global warming is a bad thing. And why a lot of politicians don’t want to talk about it. And why I don’t like to keep on writing about this topic in this blog, where I prefer to write about fun stuff.

Global warming, part 2

The official USA still takes the stand, that they want to pollute all they want, and just gives a f… about environmental problems. But more and more people over there actually realize the link between global warming and the increased number of hurricanes and changes to the climate.
Yesterday I saw “An Inconvenient Truth“ with Al Gore’s crusade to halt global warming’s deadly progress by exposing the myths and misconceptions that surround it.
I have seen the effect the global warming has in Greenland. I have seen an American film about the problem. Now I really want to see some politicians do something about it!

Global warming

As I’ve mentioned before: my trip to Greenland was fantastic! Fantastic country, fantastic people and a lot of ice. But it was also an eye-opener for me! Like everybody else, I’ve heard a lot about the global warming, but until now, I thought it was something that would happen some years in the future. But in Greenland, this future is now! A place near the town Kangerlussuaq, where you could drive right out on the ice cap 5 years ago, you now have to climb down a steep slope and walk a bit before you come to the ice.
Also the Kangia icefjord, near the town Ilulissat (a UNESCO World Heritage Site in western Greenland) shows signs of an accelerating global warming these years, with the fast decrease of the glacier in the bottom of the icefjord.
While I was in Ilulissat, Republican US Senator John McCain visited the place in connection with a climate debate. It was a new attempt to get the Americans to wake up and think about environmental issues and maybe even ratify the Kyoto Protocol. One can only hope!

How low can they go?

I’ve heard that some greedy persons with absolutely no conscience sell imitations of the white and yellow wristband. The original white band is a symbol to end extreme poverty. The yellow band is sold to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
The cheating wristbands however only support the swindlers who try to sell them.
Never shop at places, where phoney wristbands are sold! Remember: when the shop has no trouble swindle with charity – they will not think twice to cheat you in any other way!


The white wristband:
The yellow wristband: