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Photography by Baseman.

Winter colors

It is definitely winter in Denmark. Yesterday, my way home was on icy roads. But the colors were stunning: A landscape only in white and gray, with an evening sky in red and blue colors. Beautiful! Just a pity, I had to drive on those roads to see this sight.

Soaked every second day

It is a strange weather these days. Every second day the sun shines – the rest of the time the rain is pouring down in quantities I have not seen before. When the weather is like today, with solid rain, umbrella and rainwear are almost useless. If you’re not wearing a drysuit, you get soaked to the skin.

My life as a thistle seed


While I was out taking a walk, I was greeted by flying thistle seeds. I came to think of my time in high school, where the Principal compared us students with thistle seeds, which fly out in the world. Some fly far away, others only short, but hopefully the seeds lands in a place where it can take root.
I wondered how far I had flown since then, and whether I had landed in the right place.