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Photos taken near my home.

Frosty Sunday

This day started with frosty mist and plants with ice.

Though the temperature was above zero (Celsius) when I drove out this morning to go shopping, the roads were very icy because of the mist.

Home Base photo #4

I had planned to take a photo of the same place – near the place I live – several times over the year. But it turned out to be a less clever idea. After I had shrunk the photo to fit this site, there wasn’t much difference between spring, summer and autumn: green fields and some houses in the distance.
So here is probably the last photo of the same motif. The earlier ones can be found here and here.

Unless you really don’t want to see any more of my photos, I’ll most likely continue showing you some, but taken other places. 🙂

Home Base photo #3

I went by this place today – on a cold Saturday.

Home Base photo #3

I suddenly came to think, that it looks like an illustration from ‘The Wind in the Willows’. The trees probably aren’t willows (I’m not sure, what they are), and it was in another era I’ve came across that story, so I may remember it all wrong.

 “You remember it in great detail, and you remember it all wrong.
 All the distances are different, and the landmarks seem to have moved about.”

  (George Orwell, “Coming Up For Air”)