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2015 in retrospect

I think it is time for a 2015 year in review, before I start to look forward on a new year.

In some way, 2015 was special. Still, when the year ended, I was pretty much the same place, when I started – both literally and figurative speaking.

A highlight of the year was me finally gotten a chance to visit Japan, and found it even more fantastic than I had imagined. I almost found love there too, but it ended with being just a bit complicated friendship.

At the beginning of the year, I could have gotten me another job, when a job recruiter contacted me. It turned out, the job was not what I wanted – and probably I was not the right candidate for the job anyway.

Throughout 2015, I have been looking for a new apartment. Had I found the right one (affordably and the right location), I could have moved in 2015. I did not find the right place, so I am still the same place I was, when 2015 started.
So in short: I am still the same place, in the same job and still just me. Reasons be, that I am a little picky and other people are picky too.

A large part of the things I have mentioned here, have not been on my blog when it happened.
What I did write, was about a warm winter and a mild spring. In addition, a bit about me looking – not that hard – for a new place to live.

Off course, I also wrote a bit about my trip to Japan. Just not the juicy stuff.

I also told about me, trying to be a better version of myself. I did start to live even healthier than before, and have – until now at least – done so ever since.

In November, we got a lot of snow in a single weekend. I wrote about that. I did not write about a job that was beginning to take all my focus and energy. I did not find a work-life balance for myself in 2015, but I have to do that soon.

Throughout the year, I have been working on making me a better version of myself. I intend to continue do that in 2016.

First snow

Yesterday, the first snow fell this winter. And not just a few snowflakes.
Today started with more snow, but at this moment, it has already started melting.

First snow

A new me

I am on my way to create – or try to create – a new and improved me!
For one and a half month, I have been trying to get rid of excessive weight, and so far, it works fine. Besides eating less, I have primarily cut down on unhealthy food. So not only am I looking forward to be slimmer, but also healthier.
I am going in that direction, but I am not there yet.


For so long I have – almost blindly – followed the route laid out for me. Listening to good advices and done as told. And I have never felt so lost.

Today, at a walk through a nearby forest, I saw this arrow, pointing right. I walked left – and it felt so right.


Time off in Japan

My holiday this summer has been a short trip to Japan. I have just returned from a fantastic – yet pretty warm – journey to the cities Kyoto and Tokyo, with a short visit to Hiroshima and Miyajima.

The Road Ahead

RoadYou may see a road, so easy to follow.
But you still can’t be certain where it will take you.
And if you keep on staring at the road ahead, you won’t notice those many shortcuts and detours, leading to other Places!